The specialized open container (asymmetrical) with a volume of 4 m3, is designed for collection and temporary storage of construction and solid household waste. The measurements and the design are fully compliant with DIN 30735. The container is ribbed with cold-bent profiles for high strength and load-bearing capacity. 

Made by sheet metal S235JR with the following thickness:

-thickness of bottom - 4 mm

-thickness of sides - 3 mm

-thickness of the profiles - 3 mm

The profiles have the following measurements:

-Profiles around the container openings-60x40 mm

-Lifting axis - 4 pcs Ф30 mm

-Restraining metal plants for axis - b=8 mm

-Side elbow - 90x50x5

-Axle for reversal of the container - Ф30x186 mm

-Braces for reversing axle - 2 pcs b=8 mm, stabily welded to the side.

Additionally reinforcement of the node with the reversing axis inside the container.

They can be stacked and serviced by specialized machines.

The container is double side primed and one side painted at the costumer choice.


  -Length – 2490 mm, per basket – 2429 mm

  -Width – 1518 mm, per basket – 1389mm

  - Height – 1500mm

-Weight of the container - 350 kg

 At the costumer request, the container could be made with different thickness of bottom, profiles and sides, as well as different elements for stacking, gripping, etc.

The price is in Euro!